Marriage of Alexander and Roxana

Il_Sodoma_ Bodas de Alejandro y Roxana



Il Sodoma ( 1477-1549 ) .



His real name was Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, Lombard painter, who after an apprenticeship in his native Florence passage where he completed his training and breathed new school brio to Tuscany, to contribute to this force and naturalism of Lombardia .The nickname of Il Sodoma, according to Vasari was by his homosexuality, which apparently boasted, but it might be for the sake of notoriety, then married and had two children. The performances are free


In 1508 he traveled to Rome called by the banker Agostino Chigi to work with Raphael in the Vatican rooms and was appreciated by the teacher that he was designated as his main collaborator, and portrait with him.Both appreciated the great work that Rafael commissioned by Pope Julius II to repaint part of the vault of his stay he had already painted Sodom, the teacher only change a small part.


But his masterpiece in Rome was the decoration of the bedroom of Agostino Chigi, in the palace that step after the Farnese family, and thus is known thereafter as “the Farnesina”. He lived in Rome until 1513 when he settled permanently in Siena where we appreciated his painting.


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In this fresco depicts the marriage of the conqueror Alexander the Great and the princess Roxana, and he wanted to reconstruct a picture of ethion, classical Greek painter Apelles School, the Roman historian Luciano described in great detail.


The action is set in the bridal chamber, with classical architecture, columns with composite capitals, grotesques, tondo soffits and a loggia or gallery beautiful perspective. Right from the opening is a landscape with houses river, and in the distance on top of a mountain city. The outlook is much enhanced by the drawing of the floor, the lodge and canopy bed.


Human types are of great beauty and a plastic corpulence, and statues based on classic poses, and colors anticipate mannerism, are acidic and predominantly blue, green, and gold. The cherubs give cheerful and almost comical note, one of them seems to try to remove the tunica Roxana, and another from the floor pulling her closer a Alejandro foot.Historians highlight the figure of Roxana, exquisitely shaped, and expressed his shame gesture, emotion and curiosity erotica


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