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El "Temerario" conducido al desguace - J.M.W. Turner

The Fightin Temeraire,tugged to her last Berth,to be broken






J.W.M.Turner, the artist

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), is for most art historians, the greatest painter of all English painting is fully times.Your works are romantics, and with Constable the best landscape painter  of the British Isles.

He traveled through Europe taking notes, and study the classics. Has a series of watercolors of Venice, which are among the best that has been painted this wonderful city.

His painting

Turner is part of the trend called the Romantic sublime and frequently represents the power of nature and the fragility of man before her.

He is the painter of the fires, shipwrecks and disasters, plus magnificent scenery. In its early days was heavily influenced by Claude Lorrain, and some of his paintings are in the National Gallery in London alongside those of the painter.

In his maturity his brushwork becomes loose, and play with transparency and light so wonderful, blurring the outlines, being considered a precursor of Impressionism

The Temeraire

This ship was the flagship of the British fleet, with a glorious history, was in Trafalgar.In 1830 sailing ships began to be replaced by steam and Turner saw in the Thames and the Temeraire was towed by a tug scrapping steam

The Table

It is of extraordinary beauty with a magnificent play of light and Turner combines broad strokes parties filled with light-reflecting paint, lightly painted with other areas, and large contrasts between trading areas.

The red and orange sunset is the best ever painted and reflections in the water slides are made with almost unicos.In the upper right corner there is a slight silver reflection that seems to anticipate the rising of the moon.

The picture is a metaphor for the passage of time to another? Better does¿. Just a time, and the beautiful sailing boat, if order is carried by an ugly little steamer, which also eject a thick, black smoke. ? It is also a metaphor for coming of age Turner¿.When  itself stated in the Royal Academy in 1839, carried a quote from poet Thomas Campbell “The flag stand the battle and the breeze / and does not belong”


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